In the End Winter Is Fleeting

A couple more photos from February, when the Grand River was almost entirely frozen over in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.  This same river was badly flooded a mere week later.  See this post for pictures of the flooding.  To a native of the south like me, this scene is otherworldly.


Bridging the Ice


I’ve lived in West Michigan for about six years. This is the first time I’ve seen the Grand River frozen over from bank to bank. It’s a sight to behold and makes for some unique perspectives.

Cresting Ice


Another one from Lake Michigan.  As the ice melted, it left a growing layer of sand that was mixed in with it from wave action.  Taken in January.

Peaceful Gradient


Grand Rapids, Michigan



I’ve lived in Grand Rapids for six years. It is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever lived in. Pictured here are the Blue Bridge and the frozen Grand River. Tour guide.

Warm Skies, Frozen Waters


The pier and lighthouse in Grand Haven, Michigan, on Lake Michigan. The sky was perfectly clear on this day–a break between arctic blasts.

Watch Your Step!