New Photography Site – Photos for Purchase

I’ve launched a photography website with my photos available for purchase in a variety of formats and sizes.  Emphasis on landscape, nature, urban, and night photography.  Please give it a look when you have chance!  A couple of example photos for sale are linked below.  Thank you! -Nick

Our Place In the Cosmos: Grand Haven, Michigan pier beneath the Milky Way.

Grand Rapids, MI – City of Light:  Downtown beneath a clear night sky.




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9 Responses to New Photography Site – Photos for Purchase

  1. Hi Nick. I went to your new website and took a look around. I think your images are priced way too low. I’d at least double them, or maybe even more. — Ray

    • Thank you so much, Ray! That means a lot to me! My challenge now is figuring out how to get traffic. 🙂

      • That’s why so many sites fail in their intent. All you can really do is be very active on social media and more importantly, like and comment on other’s work… but don’t sell to them. Draw them in by attracting them.

        • Thanks, Ray! I’ll have to devote more time to social media. I spent so much time over the summer trying to accumulate decent photos. I really appreciate your comment and taking the time to look at my site! I hope fall is treating you well!

          • Fall. What is that? New Orleans’ idea of fall is 85 degree weather, heavy humidity and trees losing their leaves without color. Social media is pretty important these days.

          • Haha–that’s about what fall was to me growing up in Austin, except there were a lot of oak trees that never lost their leaves, so it was a mix. Definitely not much fall color to speak of! Michigan’s different, though! 🙂

          • I have good friends in Spring Lake. I’ve seen your falls and winters. Made me wish I lived up there.

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