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House finches recently hatched, nesting in our Boston Ferns.




WPC Photo Challenge: Place in the World

My place in the world is beneath an open sky. IMG_3432

Ants’ View of the Sunset


Much to my disappointment, these two ants did not turn to behold the sunset.  They had more important things to discuss, like did you lose the food trail too?  I took this on the fly so they aren’t quite in perfect focus, but I thought this was cool.

Michigan Blooming



It’s that time of year in the Mitten.

Spring Also Breaks Things


This branch fell off of an already dead tree during a spring wind storm.

Still Standing

IMG_2929This tree, long dead, stands at the center of a golf course that is going back to nature.  It’s a fascinating process and this has become one of my favorite places to take pictures.

Geese Hanging Out by the River

IMG_5951 edit 1

Spring in the City–Grand Rapids, MI

IMG_6068 edit

IMG_5881 edit