I post this as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge (Rise/Set).  This is a moonset taken at a long exposure in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Definitely got a bit of lens flare on the next one!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunrise/Sunset

Sunset over Lake Michigan in January, when the ice extended for miles offshore.


Sunrise Trailing Crescent Moonrise


The moon was no longer visible within minutes of taking this photo.  This is really my favorite phase of the moon, and my favorite time of day to photograph it when conditions line up.  I took this photo from one of my favorite places, a park along the Grand River in Michigan, minutes from where I work.  I stop by here frequently before heading into the office.



The Moon Over Lake Michigan


Grand Rapids Flooding


In the End Winter Is Fleeting

A couple more photos from February, when the Grand River was almost entirely frozen over in downtown Grand Rapids, MI.  This same river was badly flooded a mere week later.  See this post for pictures of the flooding.  To a native of the south like me, this scene is otherworldly.


Reaching Upward

I’ve posted pictures before of this tree on the banks of the Grand River, in Michigan. This is the first picture encompassing the entire tree from top to bottom. It’s so tall that I had to stitch two photos together capture it. The river was frozen over when this was taken a few weeks ago.


A Lunar Perspective

The first two photos were taken on March 2nd in Grand Haven, Michigan.  The moon was setting in the west almost exactly as the sun was rising in the east.  Note the refraction of the moon in the glass of the lighthouse.  I didn’t even notice that until later. 

The third photo was taken just after January’s supermoon.  These are posted for the “Out of This World” weekly photo challenge.




Metallic Flood

Normally I try to avoid posting back-to-back photos of my favorite bridge, but the flooding we’ve experienced recently in West Michigan has been out of this world. It’s a direct consequence of the frozen conditions in the post preceding this one. The bridge is also lit green now.