Ripples and Wakes




Taking Flight

I took this photo with my cell phone (on airplane mode) after lift-off from Austin, TX.  Below the cloud layer the region was being deluged by rain and zapped with lightning.  Above the storm I was greeted with a rising full moon.  Ascend.

LRM_EXPORT_20171004_123953 (3)

Warm Reflections


Austin, TX


Golden Dawn


Sunset, Airborn

SI Exif

Slimy and Scaly Creatures

Growing up in Texas, I developed an early fascination for all things slimy and scaly: lizards, snakes, frogs, salamanders, newts, and turtles.  My attitude toward anything that hopped, scampered, slithered, or swam was somewhat akin to Golem’s “fondness” for world-destroying golden rings, except that mine was more a combination of a scientific and artistic appreciation for these creatures.  Less doomsday and split-personality, shall we say.  In celebration of small creatures:


IMG_4310 edit

Gecko on the Big island of Hawaii.




Dendrobates auratus-one of the first poison dart frogs I bred in captivity.




In search of bullfrogs in Michigan.