The Silence of Winter in Michigan


A peaceful stretch of the Grand River, partially frozen over, with only the sound of the occasional snowflake to break the silence.


Wild Lake Michigan



A Limb Hanging Out


I think this one fits the theme of the weekly photo challenge: weathered.  This tree is enormous–towering and sprawling over the Grand River.  It has appeared in other photos I’ve posted on here (and at least one more still to come soon).  That it has survived as long as it has, through however many dozens of winters, is extraordinary to me, especially considering the appearance of many of the trees around it–bent, fallen, and windblown.  None as majestic as this one.

Bridge Over Frigid Waters


Black and White on a Foggy Night


Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

This photo was taken from inside a covered bridge that spans a rivulet.  I don’t know how old it is, but the elements are steadily taking their toll on this tiny bridge.  Weathered.


Reflections of Winter