Ludington, MI Lighthouse and Pier

I’m back to blogging after a very long hiatus.  I apologize for my absence and hope you will forgive me for missing so many of your posts.  I also now have a facebook page (Nick Bromley Photography), an Instagram account (@nickbromleyphotography), and a website: 

Below is a late evening shot of one of my favorite lighthouses in Michigan, largely because I love green lights and also because this looks like one tough structure.



A Lunar Perspective

The first two photos were taken on March 2nd in Grand Haven, Michigan.  The moon was setting in the west almost exactly as the sun was rising in the east.  Note the refraction of the moon in the glass of the lighthouse.  I didn’t even notice that until later. 

The third photo was taken just after January’s supermoon.  These are posted for the “Out of This World” weekly photo challenge.




Warm Skies, Frozen Waters


The pier and lighthouse in Grand Haven, Michigan, on Lake Michigan. The sky was perfectly clear on this day–a break between arctic blasts.

Red Beacon in a Sea of Ice

The lighthouse at Grand Haven.  This is a variation on two subjects: the lighthouse and the moon, which you’ll see in both photos.



WPC: When Driftwood Is Not Just Driftwood



Variations on a theme.