For Lovers of Photography, Travel and Michigan

Good Afternoon, fellow bloggers.  I have two photos in the West Michigan Tourist Association photo contest.  I would be super grateful if you could A) go to the WMTA Facebook Photo Contest post here (this takes you to Facebook), then give my photo(s) a like (if you feel it’s deserved) and also share on Facebook. You can like both of my photos (shown below). Check out other people’s photos too–there’s good stuff showing the beauty of this state.

First place would get my photo on the cover of their 2019 West Michigan Travel Guide, plus a couple of nights at the JW Marriott downtown which my wife and I would enjoy . Second and Third Place would get my photo in the magazine but not on the cover.

Thank you for your time and support!

Photo 1 (takes you to Facebook): Downtown Grand Rapids, MI at night.  Long exposure.

Downtown GR

Photo 2 (takes you to Facebook): The full moon setting over the lighthouse in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Light House

On a final note, I apologize for my absence on the blog.  I’ve been preparing for the Grand Rapids ArtPrize competition in September/October and haven’t had much time to post.  I will rectify that soon!

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9 Responses to For Lovers of Photography, Travel and Michigan

  1. I think these are superb! I will do my best to vote today! And keep those photos coming, no matter the contest outcome…in the past my son placed in a couple of photo contests with nature magazines in NC and I say yours are as good as any I ever saw :)!

  2. sandyjwhite says:

    These are both great shots. Good luck with the contest…and I look forward to future

  3. Arati says:

    These are wonderful photographs. Love the colors, the saturation and the composition. The lighthouse with full moon is spectacular! Wishing you the best in the competition, may your work be acknowledged and celebrated. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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