Christmas in the City (2 Photos)



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5 Responses to Christmas in the City (2 Photos)

  1. Excellent photos! I lived in Milwaukee for a year, now I’m sorry I never took the Muskegon ferry and looked around over there.

    • I regret that I haven’t done the reverse yet! I’ve wanted to take the ferry to Milwaukee for years but haven’t done it yet.

      • Well, a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to skate over, right? 🙂
        It’s a bit expensive – I know it’s a longer distance, but NYC to Staten Island is free, Seattle to Bainbridge Island is $16 roundtrip, vs. MKE to Muskegon is $150 roundtrip I think.

        • That’s true. I’ll have to build some endurance for that skating trek 🙂 It is a bit pricey. If it came down I could see myself taking the ferry every couple of weeks or so just for fun.

          • Yeah that would be fun, and the museum in Milwaukee is right on the lake, and a pretty amazing building.
            For just a year or two, there was a fast ferry from Rochester, NY to Toronto, that was fun, I was just on it once, it could hit 55 mph, whereas a Navy destroyer tops out at 35 – 40.

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