Tuesday Photos: Oceans Soothe the Soul; Giant Iguana Attacks Caribbean Bathers

As much as the visual aesthetic of the water itself, the sound of breaking waves soothes the soul.  The ocean does two things that are paradoxical.  Like the grandeur of the mountains, it reminds us of our insignificance.  In spite of this depressing truth–or rather, because of it– the ocean in its vastness fills the heart with hope and wonder.  I see again and confirm again the existence of eternity and infinity and recall the unlimited possibilities that saturate the universe.  Yes, infinity reveals itself in all things, but for my primitive human mind, few natural phenomena convey the infinite like the ocean.

Maybe it’s best that I don’t live near the ocean and can only view it for days at a time when I travel.  If I walked along it every day, maybe I would forget to fear it and I would only love it.  Then again, maybe the ocean is too immense and too erratic to forget that in the end it thwarts even our best efforts to hold it in our minds, to understand it and to tame it.

On a serious note: Please beware giant man eating iguanas.  (Read the previous sentence however you like. 😉 )

Iguana scampering among the Maya ruins of Tulúm, Yucatán, México; also snacking on unsuspecting Caribbean bathers?

Western shore of Cozumel, México.

My favorite stretch of coastline: Big Sur, California.

Pacific City, Oregon Coast (my other favorite stretch of coastline!)

Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast. The beach is so flat that as the tide recedes it leaves a thin film of standing water that turns the beach into a mirror, so that you feel like you're walking on top of another plane of reality that is an inverted version of our own.

Cannon Beach, Oregon, at night. Note he Big Dipper in the sky!

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

The above picture was included in a post I published in April titled, “The Many Worlds Theory of Travel: A Week in Costa Rica”.

Mendocino, California, where I saw my first huge waves (~20 ft.) when I was younger.

Seattle as seen from a ferry docking at Bainbridge Island, across the sound from Seattle.

Arctic Ocean, Barrow, Alaska. Sooner or later I'll write a post about the eccentricities and beauty of Alaska. It still dazzles me that in July of 2006 the ocean near the coast remained frozen.

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19 Responses to Tuesday Photos: Oceans Soothe the Soul; Giant Iguana Attacks Caribbean Bathers

  1. mydeardiary9 says:

    Always a pleasure going through your pictures!! 🙂

  2. Your pictures are lovely. I especially love the beautiful starry night sky! Great shot!

    • Thank you! That’s not the most immediately beautiful picture, but I just like the idea of capturing the ocean at night. I didn’t notice the Big Dipper until a friend pointed it out to me.

  3. gaycarboys says:

    gorgeous photos.

  4. Patti Ross says:

    Great photos. . .and musings about the wonder of oceans. Its power and granduer are unlike anything else.

  5. Love the iguana, seriously.

    Also the big dipper – I can see one at my house all the time, but never knew which one. I’m thinking it’s the little dipper, because I don’t remember it being as spread out (and big, not to sound ridiculous) as yours. Are you supposed to be able to see both at the same time? Also Big Sur, the tree in the foreground makes that picture for me. Also all of them.

    My parents went to Alaska in ’99 and it was amazing to see the change from ice and snow when my Dad got there, to the green 3 weeks later (at least in the area where they were). I edited their pictures and home video, but unfortunately the video was old and a lot of it looks washed out. The pictures held up. That place looked so amazing. But the time I did the videos for them a few years ago, I was able to appreciate what a great opportunity they had in that trip.

    • Thank you, Michelle! The Big Dipper one is my favorite, too.

      I would love to see the pictures from your parents’ trip. It sounds like they were there for quite a while! What occasioned their visit?

      • They wanted to go! It was almost a once in a lifetime kind of thing, except that they have wanted to go back ever since. I sure hope they get to.

        My Dad was in his first retirement – he’s on his second now 🙂 – and my mom was able to get 3 weeks vacation at one time. So my dad drove their motorhome up and back and my mom flew up and back. I didn’t appreciate the photos and videos at the time, too wrapped up in myself I guess. But I rediscovered them while house sitting for them a few years ago. It was very sweet how they were talking to my sister, her kids and me in the videos. They were so making them for us, and we didn’t even appreciate it. But I treasure them now.

  6. pattisj says:

    It is hard for our minds to conceive the overall vastness that is inherent in an ocean, the underwater world it conceals. Your photos are lovely. It’s surprising how the shores differ so.

  7. Lisa Chinn says:

    Beautiful! I love the ocean.

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  9. Hah!! Love the new addition.

    I just came by to steal an idea, so I had to re-read it. giant man… And I thought it was funny before 🙂

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